11 Personalized Gifts for your Boss

Personalized Gifts For your Boss

While there are many TV and pop culture examples of terrible bosses and managers, very rarely is that the case. Many of us are blessed to have bosses who care about our wellbeing, our professional and personal development, and our ongoing successes. Many people also talk about how engaged their boss is, and how much encouragement they provide for their team.

It can often be hard to show your appreciation for management in a work setting. However, we’ve included eleven personalized gifts for your boss to show your gratitude and appreciation for everything they do.

1. Coffee Mug

Best Boss Ever Mug

This mug can be found here. You can never go wrong with gifting a coffee mug – especially one that says ‘Best Boss Ever.’ While it’s bound to evoke a few chuckles around the office, a coffee mug is almost guaranteed to be used in an office setting – especially when there’s an ongoing battle to try and find a clean one! 

This mug is delicate, comes in a gift box, and is made right here in the USA. It can also double as a Secret Santa gift, or as a gag gift for a boss you know takes jokes well. This mug can be found here.

2. Travel Thermos

Boss Lady Thermos

If your boss happens to be a female, a stunning rose gold travel thermos might be a good option. Not only is rose gold on trend this year for stationery, office supplies, and furniture, but it’s a convenient item to have in your home. Your boss is sure to appreciate the convenience of being able to enjoy a piping hot coffee on their way to work in the morning. Most importantly, you can be the person to offer this convenience! Get a thermos here

3. Cheese Board

Cheese Board
If you’re looking for a gift for a boss who has done a lot for you recently, a cheese board is certainly a good option. It’s inexpensive but doesn’t look cheap, and it’s an item that’s suitable for most homeowners looking to entertain their guests.

Instead of opting for that generic bottle of wine, show your boss that you’ve put a lot of thought into their gift, and go all-out with this winner. It caters to wine lovers and entertainers and is sure to be well-loved and appreciated. Get the cheese board here.

4. Prepaid Monthly Sock Club with a Customized Note

Sock Subscription Photo

For a gift with more tangible benefits (i.e. something that your boss can wear in the office consistently, especially if your boss is a male and wears suits), a monthly sock club can be a great choice. Upon purchasing a subscription from Society Socks, you can opt to include personalized note in the first month's delivery, for an added personalized touch. Get our sock subscription here

5. Personalized card holder

Personalized Card Holder

If your manager’s office is quite an elegant space, why not add to that elegance with this beautiful card holder? Not only does it look exquisite on any solid wood desk, but it also houses businesses cards well, comes with a pen, and even has an inbuilt clock! This personalized card holder for your boss would make a great end-of-year gift, or a thank you gift for something they have helped you to achieve. Get the card holder here.

6. Hip flask set

Hip Flask

If you and your boss have achieved great things in your line of work, why not show your appreciation with this personalized hip flask set? It features 8 ounces of gold, with the words “well deserved” engraved on the surface. It also comes in a neat little gift box emanating elegance from corner to corner.

While it looks expensive, it’s not. Therefore, you can give the sense that you put a lot of thought (and money) into this purchase, without actually having to do so. It makes a great personalized gift for your boss. Hip flask can be bought here.

7. Pearly DIY Bubble Tea Kit

Bubble Tea Kit

If you've seen your boss sipping on bubble tea around the office lately this could be the perfect gift. Pearly sells DIY bubble tea kits that make it easy to prepare bubble tea at home in just 3 minutes. They sell kits in a variety of flavors and even have a big starter bundle if you want to make sure your boss has all the accessories they need. 

This could be a particularly great gift if you know your boss has kids. Kids generally love the taste of bubble tea, and your boss may enjoy having the opportunity to prepare it with their children.

8. Personalized desk nameplate

Personalized Nameplate

If you’re looking for a personalized gift for your boss that no one else would have thought of, a new personalized desk nameplate could be the answer. Over time, desk nameplates and office door nameplates can become worn, faded, and tatty. The style of them can also become dated, but it’s often the last thing people think about replacing.

Be that person who thinks outside of the square and give your boss the gift of their name engraved on a special desk plate. Get a nameplate here.

9. Inspirational artwork

Inspirational Artwork

If your boss has added something to your professional career that you cherish and value, why not show your appreciation with the gift of inspirational artwork. There are some fantastic leadership quotes to be found online, and it won’t take long before you find one that describes your boss to a tee. Personalized gifts can be hard to find, but this artwork ticks all the boxes in so many ways. Here's the artwork.

10. Watch display box

Watch Display Box

If you’ve noticed that your boss or manager loves to accessorize with different watches, it might be a good idea to consider a watch display box. Take notice of their watch and accessory style, and if you find they wear a different watch on many occasions, they might be the very person to take advantage of such a gift. This elegant box also comes with velvet cushions, further reiterating that this box is a perfect personalized gift for the boss that takes pride in his appearance. Get the watch box here.

11. Gift basket

Gift Basket

If saying ‘thank you’ just isn’t enough, you might want to consider treating your manager or boss to a well thought out gift basket. Gift baskets are popular in-office gifts as they very rarely go unused. The delicious treats inside are also appreciated during that long afternoon gap between lunch and dinner. Here's one type of gift basket

12. A Pen Set

Pen Set

It can be difficult to know how to thank your boss, colleague, or manager, without going over budget or buying something you know they won’t use. It’s all well and good to gift them something unusual or quirky like a plush toy, but it can almost be a waste of money as it sits on their desk, gathering dust. However, you can’t go wrong with a pen set as a personalized gift for your boss.

Pens are always going to be used, and a pen that’s extra special, with ‘thank you’ written on it, will be all the more appreciated. It also comes with a nice gift box, reiterating the special thought and care you put into the present. Get the pen set here.

Bosses and managers do so much for their employees every day. Many are personable, easy to get on with and go the extra mile to ensure everyone is happy and engaged in their work. If you want to thank your boss for being the epitome of what a good leader should be, show them you appreciate them with a special personalized gift.

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