Best Color Shirt to Wear to an Interview

Best Color Shirt to Wear to an Interview

As you’re busy preparing for your next major job interview, your wardrobe might be the farthest thing from your mind.

After all, landing a new job could change the course of your life, and ensuring you say all the right things can absorb your entire focus. It’s fair to assume that, of course, your disposition can more than help your case as well.

However, knowing the best color shirt to wear to an interview can ultimately be the difference between landing the job and being turned down.

While you wouldn’t be declined simply for choosing to wear a color your interviewer didn’t like, it can subconsciously form part of their decision – especially if very little differentiates you from your competition.

Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the best color shirts to wear to an interview. Knowing what works and what doesn’t can make all the difference in the world.

Avoid patterns

Patterns, while not strictly a ‘color,’ should be avoided at all costs. Avoiding patterns has nothing to do with your interviewer not being averse to pinstripes or polka dots, but it has everything to do with distraction.

The first thing you want your interviewer to do when they see you is to pay attention to your face, and how you hold yourself, not the brightness of the stripes on your shirt.

The same can be said for the actual interviewing process. You might have practiced what you were going to say a hundred times, but when it comes to the crunch, your potential new boss might be distracted by the sheer volume of dots on your shirt, and that can be off-putting for you as well as them.

Essentially, you want you to be the focus, not your shirt.

Suit Color for Interview

Be safe with neutral

While neutral tones can be seen as ‘boring’ in many sectors, they are the safest option for a job interview where you don’t know the staff, and they don’t know you.

They’re a safe bet as your interviewer is going to have nothing else to focus on but you. As such, you’re able to get your point across clearly and concisely, without being aware of the entirety of their focus being on your attire.

 If you’re normally not one to stick with “the norm” and you know this is a false look for you, you can change it up a little bit.

Stick with the standard neutral hues, but add a bold and bright tie that doesn’t detract, but offers a ‘pop’ that enhances your outfit rather than detracts from it.

Avoid Bright Colored Shirts

When you’re comfortable in your working environment, you begin to branch out on your shopping sprees.

Before long, deep purple, bold burgundy, and bright colors make their way into your wardrobe, and you think nothing of sporting a lime green shirt to the office.

This is fine in an environment full of people you know, but for someone who’s judging you based on not only your credentials but your outfit, it’s a big no-no. Bright colors can ultimately be as distracting as patterns, so avoid them at all costs.

Simple Suit Interview

Know when to use Black

Black is an exceptionally versatile color. It can be worn in most jobs, in most situations, and even plays a vital part in any funeral or wedding.

It’s fair to say you can’t go wrong with black in your wardrobe. However, when it comes to the best color shirt to wear to an interview – black often isn’t it. That’s not to say it never fits into a job interview scenario, but it’s a color that has to be used with caution.

It’s representative of domination, power, and authority, and unless you’re interviewing for such a role, it can paint an altogether wrong picture of your personality.

However, in a managerial role, or a role of power such as a lawyer, there’s every reason to get that black shirt ironed and ready to go – it could show off your strength to do the job effectively.

Knowing the best color shirt to wear to an interview takes time. You can’t simply find one that’s dry cleaned in your wardrobe and hope that it suits.

Remember, while your interviewer should be judging you primarily on your ability to do the job, your choice of attire largely comes into play – whether it’s subconscious or not. Put some thought into your wardrobe, treat yourself to some sharp neutral shirts, and turn up to your job interview ready to show the panel what you’re made of.

Other Tips: Choose the Right Tie

Beyond the variety of choices of colored shirts for an interview, it's also important to consider the other aspects of your outfit.

There's a tie for every occasion - but not every tie is appropriate for an interview. We've written a guide on choosing the best tie for an interview here

One Last Tip

While it's advisable to ere on the side of caution with your suits and dress shirts when going in for an interview, one part of your outfit that can be customized is your socks. 

Wearing socks with patterns or icons to an interview can be a great talking point to break the ice and just might set you up for success. If you're looking to purchase some socks for your interview, come check out our collection!

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