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Best Casual Shoes to Pair with Jeans for Men

by Society Socks November 08, 2017

Best Casual Shoes to Pair with Jeans for Men

Sometimes, matching the best pair of shoes with jeans feels tricky, but it shouldn’t feel that way. Matching the proper pair of casual shoes is easier than some may think. Keep scrolling through our guide below to see some styling tips on how to match your jeans and shoes.

Smart casual outfit

The mistake that’s made most when matching shoes with jeans, is wearing a pair of jeans that doesn’t fit your specific type of footwear. There are a few key considerations you should keep in mind when choosing your jeans:

  • Generally, a slimmer fitting pair that’s tapered near the bottom will work well with almost all types of shoes. This type of jean has gained popularity recently, and with great reason. Slim-fitting jeans are very flattering when they fit well.
  • If you’re wearing jeans in a more formal setting (i.e. business casual or smart casual attire), slim jeans are your best bet.
  • Make sure that your jeans fit well: bunching at the bottom around your ankles. Tailor your jeans if you have to.
  • Pick the right type of washed jeans. Distressed or ripped jeans won’t look professional (but don’t be scared of rocking them casually).

 Below are types of shoes that can be worn with jeans, with some styling tips.

1. Fully casual shoes like Chuck Taylors are a classic combination for jeans.

A white pair of Chuck Taylor shoes is an essential wardrobe item. This is a classic pair of shoes that can be paired perfectly with most jeans. For a summer vibe, pair your casual shoes with light blue jeans. Keep in mind that your shoes should be perfectly white: make sure to keep them clean! A scuffed pair of Chuck Taylors will detract from your outfit.

Chuck Taylors with Jeans and Society Socks

2. Athletic shoes with jeans are a perfect combination.

The correct athletic shoe can provide you with just the right amount of comfort. If you anticipate having to stand on your feet for prolonged periods of time (but you still need to be presentable), pair your jeans with a pair of Nike Roshes, or Adidas Pure Boosts. If you’re one of the fortunate few who managed to snatch a pair of Yeezy Boosts, wear them proudly with your jeans. Athletic casual shoes can pair very well with jeans; just make sure that they're not worn out.

Adidas NMDs with Society Socks

3. For a more formal look, wear a pair of dress shoes.

Dress shoes will make your outfit seem more formal. Combine a pair of slim navy jeans (cuffed at the bottom), with your favorite pair of dress shoes. For a less formal tone, wear a pair of brown shoes. Black dress shoes will seem more formal, and may appear strange when combined with jeans. Don’t forget to wear the appropriate pair of socks!

Business casual outfit with a pair of bold Society Socks

4. Choose the correct pair of socks to complement your shoes.

Crazy socks add a personalized touch to the look, which can add some flair and personality to your outfit. Show off the patterned socks in your ensemble, or opt for a slightly subtler striped sock. Either way, there’s no wrong move when it comes to colorful socks. Get a pair of crazy men’s socks here: join our sock subscription, or check out our sock styles.

Society Socks with brown dress shoes

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