Men’s Urban Fashion Trends

Men's Urban Fashion Trends

Fashion is changing at a rapid pace, and what was once “on trend” a mere 12 months ago, is often no longer acceptable in the fashion scene. When it comes to men’s urban fashion trends, however, there is a bit more give. In fact, you can get away with wearing a particular style of clothing for as long as three years (if not more).

Of course, if you’re not fashion conscious, you will wear the same clothing until it falls apart. But, if you need to have the best of what’s current, and you wouldn’t be caught dead in last year’s clothing, it’s helpful to know what’s hot this year, and what will continue to be next year. As such, we’ve compiled a list of clothing trends that took 2017 by storm and will continue to do so well into 2018.


Sportswear has always been in fashion, but oddly enough, it doesn’t necessarily have to be for sport. When you’re concerned about men’s urban fashion trends, you can’t go past traditional sportswear. In fact, the very sportswear that was fashionable in the 1990s is now making a comeback. What this means for the average male is that whatever lies in the back of your wardrobe from your past sporting days could soon be highly sought after. It’s time to drag out the old bulky sneakers, the Fila vintage polos, and the baggy shorts and blend in! But what’s hot? And what brands are standing out more than others?  

Champion, with its history dating back almost 100 years, has made a comeback. While initially, Champion manufactured technical sportswear for athletes, those very same articles of clothing became fashionable for urban fashionistas as well. Whether it was deliberate or not is yet to be discovered, but it benefited Champion’s brand like nothing else would.

Men's Champion Sweater

However, it’s not just the 1990s clothing that is coming back into fashion, as you would expect, it’s those hidden gems in boxes and bags in the back of your garage from the 1980s. Even if your parents, or partners, have been nagging you to clean the garage out, you might want to hold off. Those old striped polo shirts and track jackets could get heads turning on the streets for all the right reasons.

Reebok is another brand that’s hot right now, but it isn’t making a comeback purely because its popularity has never faltered. Athletes and everyday people have always loved what Reebok has to offer, but its eclectic range of footwear is what people really want this year. Such key players as Classic and Pump are coming into their own, and while classic Reeboks might have you avoiding dirt and puddles due to the extreme neutrality they present, they still look hot with any outfit you put on. Throw a basketball or attend an event – there’s no limit to what’s acceptable.

The same can be said for Puma. These shoes are almost collectible, and represent what every eight-year-old boy had on his Christmas wish list. Roll the clock forward 30 years, and not a lot has changed. Except now, you’re potentially a grown man, and you’re reveling in the fact that you can finally indulge in your childhood fantasy. Who would have thought a pair of shoes could evoke such feelings?

The truth is, everyone loves nostalgia. And, it’s all the more rewarding when men’s urban fashion trends begin angling towards those very classic articles of clothing, footwear, and accessories that you never thought would come back. 

Neutral colors

A visit to any bowling club will see you surrounded by the very clothing – or at least the color scheme – that’s making a comeback. If you like it or not, it’s here to stay, and it’s believed that neutral colors such as beige, white, black and camel, are entirely on trend. That might be a blessing for you if your garage is full of granddad’s old clothing, or it could have you holding your head in your hands asking why.

It’s the camel coats, and white ripped jeans. It’s the beige suits coupled with white shirts. And it’s the light neutral colors adorned with vibrant and bold neons. It doesn’t really work, and no one really knows why it’s here, but every busy city street will see you coming face-to-face with a mid-20s man wearing a camel trench coat, a khaki tee, and white jeans. Who knows, it might be the very outfit you’ve been looking for. Simply buy a pair of chinos, borrow granddad’s beige blazer, and you might see the trend take off in your own neck of the woods.

Wide-Leg Trousers

At the moment, we’re halfway through a skinny jean trend. What started off as a fad for the “emo” and “goth” kids slowly trickled down to the everyday jeans wearer. For a time, skinny jeans were mostly what was on offer in any young men’s store. From chinos to standard blue jeans, it becomes a challenge to find a pair of pants that would fit nicely over any pair of stocky boots. However, that’s the way we like it! Men’s urban fashion trends at the moment dictate that rolled up skinny jeans with military-style chunky boots are a must, and it’s no surprise to see a group of people walking the streets as the very picture of this trend.

But a new trend is just around the corner, and we’re beginning to see the resurgence of wide-leg trousers once more. For all those who didn’t appreciate the finesse of a pair of skinny jeans, it’s a time of rejoicing. Looser cut pants with low bottoms that balloon at the thighs are very much taking hold. They look fab with chunky boots and even a camel overcoat as mentioned above.


The days of black socks are behind us. Wearing socks with unique patterns or icons that display your creative side is a quickly growing trend. Justin Bieber, Aaron Paul and Dwyane Wade are just a few of the many celebrities that have already jumped on the trend.

Men's Urban Streetwear Trends

Finding the right pair of socks to match your outfit can be very difficult, as colors and patterns can easily clash. While our general suggestion is to always have a number of color/pattern combinations in your sock drawer that you can pull from, we recommend checking out our guide on this topic if you are looking for pointers (we do own a Sock Company after all).


For the average female, there’s an endless supply of both low-end and high-end handbags to appease even the fussiest woman. Designer handbags can carry a price tag of $100,000 or higher, while the options are endless for materials, patterns, and styles. As such, you’re unlikely to see two women carrying the same bag, nor are you likely to find a female who just owns one. After all, don’t you need one for each outfit? 

However, who would have thought man bags would actually be a thing, and that they’d become so popular, so quickly? Rather than put up with bulging pockets on their beige cardigans, men are opting to carry their mobile phones, tablets, wallets, and keys in a man bag, and the idea and trend are taking off. Man bags are well and truly the latest men’s urban fashion trend. They come in a range of colors and materials and are often in the form of a backpack, a shoulder bag, or a tote bag. The best part is, they can be worn with any outfit, and look anything but out of place.


Leather, or faux leather, depending on your ethical views, is hot this year, and it’s showing no signs of slowing up. Whether you opt for a tan bomber jacket to complete your outfit in winter, or you’re partial to a pair of white leather sneakers to go perfectly with your straight cut shorts in summer; you’re in the money. Nothing says stylish better than leather to accompany your outfit, and it’s no longer just enough to carry around a leather wallet stamped with your favorite brand.

Leather Streewear Brand

If you’re in the market for a new jacket, denim is no longer “it.” A black or tan leather jacket with a plain white tee is enough to tick all the boxes for being on trend, and you’re likely to find it’s durable to last the distance. The best part is, while trends come and go slowly, leather’s time in the spotlight comes around far quicker than most. Therefore, there’s no time like the present to raid your parent’s wardrobes in the hopes that they too bought into the trend. You might find yourself saving some money!

Whether you aspire to have a large streetwear collection, or you just enjoy to experiment with different men’s urban fashion trends, you can’t go wrong with the outfits and accessories mentioned above. With a little bit of planning, shopping, and storing “old trend” clothing for later, you could be on top of all of the latest trends.

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