How To Match Socks To Your Outfit: 8 Tips

How to Match Socks to Your Outfit

When it comes to finding the right pair of socks to match to your outfit, there aren't many rules or guides out there to help you find the right combination. At Society Socks, our recommendation is to always try to wear a brighter and louder pair of socks. Read on to get more specific suggestions about how to match socks to your outfit.

1. Try to avoid clashing patterns.

If you’re wearing pants that have some form of checkered pattern, don’t wear socks that have an alternate type of pattern. But seeing as most men’s pants are generally not patterned, a crazier pair of socks is usually suitable.

2. Contrast your socks for a more noticeable look.

If your outfit is more muted, you may want to opt for a crazier pair of socks. For example, contrasting the muted tone of a charcoal grey suit with a brighter orange pair of socks can provide an exciting flash of color in your outfit (as a sidenote, make sure to consider what shirt and tie combinations work best with a charcoal suit).

3. Match your socks to your tie or pocket square. 

For some complementary accessories, try matching your socks to your out outfit by coordinating them with your tie or pocket square. You can try and match the color, or the pattern of the pair. You can also try and wear seasonal colors layered into your outfit (for example, wearing more maroon tones in the Fall).

Matching your socks and tie can be an effortless way to pull your entire outfit together in a concise manner.

Matching Pocket Square to Watch

4. Don’t overpower the rest of your outfit. 

Crazy socks can be effectively worn in many ways, however they can also overpower the rest of your outfit. For example, wedding attire such as a black suit can be overshadowed by a pair of bright red or orange socks. This is true for any form of more professional or formal outfits. It’s important to keep in mind the occasion that you’re dressing up for!

5. White socks are the easy way out. Find a non-white colored pair of socks.

White socks are a go-to for many men. However, we suggest trying your best to wear a more colorful pair of socks with most of your outfits. While a plain white pair of socks may be ideal for the gym, try to restrict wearing it to just that scenario.

Much like other types of clothing, your socks are a convenient way to show some flair and personality. Use them as a way to communicate exactly that.

6. For a simpler look, match your pants and socks.

If you want your clothes to flow into one another visually, keep a consistent color scheme between them. As long as your socks and pants fall in a similar hue, the effect will be a seamless transition between the two articles of clothing. Try to wear this for more formal settings.

7. Consider the ideal pair of shoes to wear with your socks.

It's important to match your pair of shoes to your socks in a choiceful manner. Casual shoes can be worn with perhaps a more outrageous pair of socks (it may be quite absurd to combine a black suit with a bright pair of pink socks in most circumstances). Also keep in mind what type of colors match well with your shoes. For example, read our guide here on how to match your brown shoes with socks.

Matching your Socks with Shoes

8. Wear cotton socks with suits (and other clothing) for more breathability.

Generally, cotton socks are better at allowing your foot to breath. That’s why when we’re asked about how to match socks with your outfit, we nearly always recommend prioritizing quality and design equally (Read here for more on the difference between cotton and polyester).

Here’s a summary of the how to match socks to your outfit

  1. Clashing patterns will make an overly busy look – try to avoid it.
  2. Contrasting your socks to the rest of your outfit is a perfect way to add some flair.
  3. Match your pair of socks to your tie or pocket square for some balance.
  4. Balance your entire outfit between colorful and muted.
  5. Avoid wearing white socks, unless it’s in the gym.
  6. Match your pants and your socks for a cleaner, and simpler look.
  7. Think about how your socks will incorporate with your shoes.
  8. Cotton socks are an ideal choice for your socks because of their breathability.

If you are looking to step up your sock game or add some fun men's work socks to your wardrobe, be sure to check out our full catalog.

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