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Polyester vs. Cotton Socks

by Society Socks July 14, 2017

Polyester vs. Cotton Socks

We have all heard different things when it comes to weather it's better to purchase cotton or polyester for clothing and household products. We have provided a guide that can help you decide which fiber will be a better fit for you when purchasing socks

Benefits of Cotton

Cotton is widely regarded as a versatile and comfortable fibre. It is harvested from the cotton plant and is generally used for apparel, bedding, threads and other related products. Cotton is a very popular fibre used when making socks for the following reasons:

Soft and Strong

Soft and more supple feeling on the skin

Easy to Dye

Fibers holds dye well over time.


Less irritating on your skin and reduces sweat

Great for Sensitive Skin

Those with sensitive skin will have less issues with cotton

Benefits of Polyester

Polyester is a man-made petroleum-based synthetic fiber. It is generally used to produce clothing, recording tapes, electrical insulation and a wide variety of other materials. Polyester is also a popular fibre used when creating socks for the following reasons:

Long Lasting

Though the sock itself may be long-lasting, you should consider the environmental impact of polyester. Polyester is not a compostable material and does not break down well in soil.

Less Breathing

Wearing polyester, especially in the summer can be very uncomfortable. Polyester doesn’t breathe nearly as much and will cause you to perspire more.

Dries quickly

Polyester is less absorbent than cotton therefore it can dry much quicker.

Wrinkles Less

Polyester is much more resistant to wrinkles than cotton.

Fades Less

Polyester is able to retain dye even longer than cotton.

So which fiber wins in the Cotton vs. Polyester discussion?

Both! We have found that the best fiber to use is a combination of both Cotton and Polyester. By combining the two, you are able to receive the benefits of a breathable and soft sock that is both stretchy and long-lasting. Additionally, combinations of cotton and polyester are generally affordable and retain the shape and color of your socks for a long time.

Where can I find socks that combine both?

Society Socks sells socks that provide a great blend of combed cotton and polyester that are guaranteed to feel great on your feet. We have a wide variety of patterns of socks that are guaranteed to make you look stylish and feel good.

Society Socks Cotton Polyester Blend

Society Socks
Society Socks


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