Elephant Pants - Putting an End to the Elephant Crisis

Elephant Pants - Putting an End to the Elephant Crisis

Elephant Pants has one simple mission – to save the elephants. The idea for the company came to two friends on a trip to Thailand after they reached an epiphany. As they marveled at the sight of elephants, they understood why elephants have been treasured by so many cultures for thousands of years. Being aware of the elephant crisis and conveniently located in Thailand, these friends decided to merge two key components of their experience in Thailand (Harem Style Pants and Elephants) into a social enterprise.

What is The Elephant Crisis?

Ivory Trade

According to S.A.F.E, 30,000 elephants are killed every year for their ivory. Consequentially, the global population of elephants has dipped to 10% of what it was 50 years ago, while the price of ivory has skyrocketed. In the early 1900s ivory was sought after for both ornamental and practical uses, though as plastics became more and more commonplace in households around the world, the demand for its practical uses became obsolete. Today, the majority of ivory is consumed in China, where it is used in jewellery and ornaments that represent both luck and signs of wealth. When asked about their ivory consumption, over 80% of middle class residents in China admitted to both purchasing ivory in the past and looking to purchase it in the future.

What is being done to save the elephants?

From Prince William to Save the Elephants, both influential individuals and non-profits around the world have spoken up about the importance of saving the elephants. Their consistent efforts to change the status quo has generated success over the years, as international bans have been declared on ivory trade and elephant poaching. At the beginning of 2018, China officially enacted its ban on ivory Trade, supported by Yao Ming, a famous Chinese former athlete who often speaks out about important social causes.

While these changes have been a step in the right direction, the existence of new legislation banning poaching and ivory trade has sparked a global black market that supplies those who still seek out the lucrative material. Organizations like the International Fund for Animal Welfare are working hard to catch poachers and prevent organized crime. Despite their efforts, poachers are a still a serious threat to the elephant species.

Elephants in the Wild

Impact on Tourism

Beyond the impact on the population of elephants, Africa’s tourism industry also depends on its wildlife to survive. More than 50 million tourists visit African countries every year to witness wildlife in its natural habitat. With the absence of elephants and tourism, these local economies that depend on tourist dollars will be challenged with finding new ways of sustaining themselves.

The Future of Poaching

As individuals, non-profits and social enterprises work hard to prevent poaching, we as a society need to work towards a cultural shift in the perception of ivory consumption. If we can put an end to the demand for ivory, we will be able to save our elephants before its too late.

Elephant Pants

The Cause

Elephant Pants donates a portion of every sale toward making the world a better place for elephants. It achieves this by creating strategic partnerships with non-profits at both a global and localized grassroots level, allowing them to simultaneously create a significant impact in different parts of the world. At this time, Elephant Pants is partnered with Space for Giants, a non-profit whose goal it is to “protect Africa’s elephants from immediate threats like poaching while working to secure their habitats forever in landscapes facing greatly-increasing pressures.” In addition to their strategic partnerships, Elephant Pants is Fair Trade Certified!


In addition to the iconic Harem Pants, their store carries Yoga Pants, Jewelry, Kimonos, Dad Hats (our favorite), Tote Bags and more. You can find images of elephants and Thai-inspired designs across their entire product line. With a wide selection of awesome apparel with unisex options, it's easy to find something for everyone in their store. To visit their store, please click here.


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