Weekly Profile: Aibono

Weekly Profile: Aibono

The story behind Aibono’s founder Vivek Rajkumar is an interesting one. The 31 year old entrepreneur was told as a child that his grandfather was a very respected farmer in the city of Thiruvananthapuram. With this great legacy in mind, Vivek worked through his education at IIT Madras and upon graduation convinced his parents that he belonged in the farming sector. With the help of some funding from his parents, Vivek began farming his own acre of land. While his initial crop did not yield optimal results, he made sure to have recorded everything throughout the process. After failing again to create significant yields in the following year, he thought of a new approach to farming. Vivek considered leveraging the data he had collected into a platform that couldcapture the parameters of operating a farm. At this moment, the idea for Aibono was born.

A Common Narrative

Aibono has identified that the last three generations have not yielded as many farmers as previous generations in history. Following the Baby Boomer era of accomplished farmers, the Gen Xers in India went on to secure corporate and government jobs. Today, the Gen Zers are exploring opportunities to return to farming and revive their cultural legacy. Unfortunately new farmers’ attempts follow a common narrative:

  • Receive seed money
  • Begin Farming
  • Fail due to inexperience
  • Return to working a corporate or government job

Aibono hopes to change this


Aibono is split into two words: A.I. and Bono. A.I. stands for artificial intelligence (a method of leveraging computer power to process information in a more efficient way) and Bono is latin for good. Aiobono seeks to create a smart revolution by providing actionable insights to farmers in India. Aibono’s technology keeps track of numerous parameters such as weather, soil condition and crop stress, and provides farmers with instructions on how to optimize their crop yields. In addition, Aibono allows farmers to seamlessly manage multiple crops at once using its platform.

Aibono - The Future of Farming

Beyond offering farmers this powerful technology, Aibono also helps connect farmers with both buyers looking for fresh, certified, high quality produce, and vendors offering seeds and farming equipment. By charging farmers a commission of their yield, farmers are able to test Aibono without the worry of large upfront costs which may cripple their businesses. Aibono is working toward creating a better farming ecosystem and growing with its partnered farmers across India.


Learn More

To learn more about Aibono, visit their website. To read more about the story of Aibono, visit the YourStory article here. We would love to hear your thoughts about Aibono and the future of Smart Farming in the comments below!

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