Weekly Profile: Good Street

Weekly Profile: Good Street

Doing good everyday is as easy as an email. Good Street is helping hundreds of people create a habit of doing good with individual contributions of as little as 25¢/day.

Every morning, subscribers to this charity platform receive short blurbs about two featured organizations aimed at tackling the same cause in unique ways, and members choose which one of those charities they want their donation to support- all from within the email. 

Volunteering our time or donating money to worthy causes is a good thing, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Good Street makes it easily actionable to make an impact. The service embraces an eager audience and fosters a community of people that make giving to charity a daily habit. 

Turn small change into a big one

Good Street’s causes change daily and they range from issues big to small, local to global, and current to longstanding. All featured charities are areligious, apolitical, and effectively transparent. Two charities a day means Good Street is introducing members to 730 meaningful charities each year.

For example, one cause that the company tackles is breast cancer, by giving users two options for donation: a charity supporting research for a cure, or another charity providing familial support. Members click on the charity they would like their 25¢ to go to.

Should you forget to open the email or click on a charity on a given day, your donation will be split between the two charities, following the proportions of how the community gave (eg. If 60% of Good Streeters gave to Charity A, 60% of all remaining donations will be allocated to Charity A, and 40% to Charity B). The daily Good St. email is sent out at 9am and you have until 9pm to choose your charity for the day. If you don’t love a given day’s cause, members can click a “Rollover” button and the next time a charity is chosen, the entire “Rollover” pool will be given. 

Good St. also offers the opportunity for gift-givers to prepay for up to a month on behalf of the recipient. The recipient will get the daily email and decide how to spend the gift money. This way, a gift-recipient has the ability to share their own charitable ventures with their friends and families through firsthand experience.

So far Good Street has helped members give over $210,000 to thousands of impactful charities, and continues to provide hundreds of members with an easy and enjoyable way to do good! 

The power of the collective enables them to turn small incremental changes into a big one! Join them and help change the world one quarter at a time. Mention Society Socks when you join, and Good St. will donate $5 to Engage and Change - our charity of choice for donating socks to the homeless!


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