What Color Socks to Wear with Jeans

What color socks to wear with jeans Society Socks

Choosing which color socks to wear with jeans can sometimes be a difficult task as you are unsure of whether the pattern of your socks, the color of your socks, or even if the length of the socks is appropriate.

Fortunately for you, socks in almost any of these categories can be worn with jeans, so long as you follow a few basic guidelines:

A General Guide to Wearing Colored Socks With Jeans

  • Matching your socks and shoes in color tone will usually look great.
  • If you're wearing a darker-toned shoe, you should match that with a darker sock as well. However you can add some brightness for a flash of color.
  • Too much contrast can throw off your outfit, especially if you have other items that are flashy.
  • Always void plain white socks (unless they are ankle socks or no-shows). White socks should be left for the gym.
  • Incorporating classic stripes, polka-dots and zig-zags is a safe starting point if you’ve never worn funky socks with jeans. 

Using these simple guidelines, you can begin to pair some socks with your jeans. So long as you follow the general rule of matching the colors of your shoes to your socks, you will quickly find that your socks complement your jeans and shoes nicely.

Do not be afraid of experimenting with new patterns that may match a pattern on your t-shirt, or another fashion accessory you are wearing. There are so many awesome styles of socks that you can incorporate with your jeans. See our style guide below!

Style Guide

triangle color socks with jeans
red white blue socks with jeans
polka dot color socks jeansWhat color socks to wear with jeans
blue red color socks jeans
argyle color socks jeans
striped socks with jeans
color pattern socks with jeans
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Aztec socks with jeans
red and blue color socks to wear with jeans
polka-dot socks with jeans
funky socks with jeans


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